Ph.D. Candidate in Marketing at HEC Paris 

Alican Mecit is a Ph.D. candidate at HEC Paris. His research focuses on the line between humans and nonhumans and the transgressions concerning this separation. He particularly focuses on (1) the effect of pronoun categories on consumers' tendency to anthropomorphize and the nature of their interactions with consumption objects, (2) the dehumanizing consequences of interacting with humanized technological gadgets, (3) the effect of anthropomorphizing time on individuals' self-speed perceptions as well as their impulsivity and accuracy in decision-making, and finally (4) the emergence of consumers' resistance to commodification of animals from a sociohistorical perspective using archival sources.

Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, Alican received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Research Master’s degree in Management (Marketing specialization), both from Bogazici University. He also had industry experience in the leadership prorgram at General Electric Co.. 

He speaks English, Turkish, and French.

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